The IDeATe Resources site contains information for users of the IDeATe facilities in Hunt Library, as well as links to information about IDeATe in general. Have a look around to learn about the different spaces and equipment in the facility, how to borrow equipment or purchase materials, our computing resources, and the IDeATe curriculum. and if you’re not finding quite what you’re looking for, send email to help@ideate.cmu.edu.

One of the most common questions about IDeATe is: How do I gain access to the IDeATe facilities? The answer is: Join our community by taking an IDeATe class, whether it’s a semester-long class, a mini or a micro (weekend) class. The list of classes can be found on our course website. Our classes are open to everyone in the University community. The one unit micro courses (99-35x) are suitable for anyone (faculty and staff welcome) who is interested in learning about laser cutting, Arduinos, digital photography, etc.

For members of the campus community who just want to fabricate a part or two, during the academic year, IDeATe has Open Access Hours from 4:30-5:30 pm Monday through Friday for the campus community. Over the summer, please contact help@ideate.cmu.edu to make arrangements for access.