Available Software

Currently, IDeATe Lending has MacBook Pro laptops which dual-boot into OS X 10.10 and Windows 8.1 and have much of the standard Computing Services cluster software, plus specialized software for IDeATe courses.  In mid-September 2017, a new fleet of Windows 10 PCs will be made available which is planned to have the following applications:

Vendor Title Version
7-Zip 16.04
Continuum Anaconda2 (Python 2.7) 4.4.0
Continuum Anaconda3 (Python 3.6) 4.4.0
Arduino Arduino IDE 1.8.4
Audacity 2.1.3
Google Chrome 60.0
Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR
Inkscape 0.92.2
Oracle Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0
Microsoft Kinect SDK 2.0
Leetro LaserCut (Demo) 5.3
MathWorks MatLab 2017a
Cycling ’74 Max 7 7.3.4
Autodesk Meshmixer 3.2
Microsoft Office Professional Plus (including Access, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word) 2016
Miller Puckette Pure Data (Pd) 0.47
PuTTY 0.70
McNeel Rhino (including Grasshopper 0.9.76 and RhinoCAM 7.0 plugins) 5.14
Trimble SketchUp Make 2017
Dassault Systèmes Solidworks 2017 SP3.0
Atlassian SourceTree 2.1.10
VideoLAN VLC 2.2.6
Also coming later…
Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (including AfterEffect, Photoshop, Premiere)
on selected computers only
Autodesk Autodesk Suite (selected titles, including AutoCAD, Inventor, Maya)

Available Mac applications will be listed here later in the fall. Other titles are available through Computing Services, including in the Computing Cluster in Hunt A4.

Both Autodesk and Solidworks are available for free to CMU students and affiliates for personal educational use.  The licenses, the operating systems, and methods for obtaining the software are different for each application.  Learn more about CAD software available to CMU students.