IDeATe operations during COVID-19 safety measures

Below are the measures that we are employing within IDeATe as the university responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the university’s guidelines exercising caution and are aligning with measures being taken by similar facilities on campus. As the overriding policies and the health situation shift, we will adjust and update. All of these measures come with an asterisk that anyone who feels that their circumstances are extraordinary should reach out to their instructors and candidly discuss their situation, as well as any alternative arrangements that could be made for completion of coursework and class attendance. Instructors have been continually advised by university leadership to remain as flexible as possible in adapting instruction to individual students’ circumstances and challenges. IDeATe may still be contacted via

We very much appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience as we navigate this together. The spirit from faculty and students has been one of cooperation and support and, frankly, it’s great to see. Please take care of yourselves.

Current transitional procedures

Updated: Wednesday 1 June 2022, 5:30pm EDT  |  Review archived announcements

On-site staffing

IDeATe has shifted into our usual summer mode. Our Administrative Offices remain generally staffed Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm, though there may be some unannounced exceptions. We will be busy tending to many projects throughout the facility, so advance appointments are strongly encouraged for all services. Please email to set up an appointment, ideally at least 1–2 business days in advance.

Building hours and library spaces

See the Hunt Library page for the latest regular and holiday hours. Some seating throughout the library is reservable online. Please review and be aware of University Libraries’ latest COVID-19 procedures.

Classroom/lab access

We returned to our usual classroom/lab access model in Fall 2021. Normal IDeATe student access to classrooms and lab spaces is suspended for the summer, and will resume on Monday 29 August 2022. (Ongoing summer classes are unaffected.) IDeATe administrative staff and instructors can facilitate brief, one-off access to retrieve items. Stop by the IDeATe Administrative Offices in Hunt A9 during regular business hours, or make an advance appointment.

If you need to make an appointment, use equipment, or have a project that requires regular or recurring access to an IDeATe space, please email Provide details about the scope, nature, and duration of your project.


The IDeATe Lending Office is closed throughout Summer 2022 for inventory. If you have special requirements with an academic purpose, please use the online IDeATe Lending request form. Please understand that all requests must be approved by IDeATe administrative staff, and approved requests may take a few business days to fulfill.

Regular lending hours will resume with the start of the Fall 2022 semester.

Laser cutter access

There are no regularly staffed laser cutter hours or Open Fabrication Hours during the summer. All laser cutter access is by appointment only. Please email 1–2 business days in advance. Availability is subject to staffing and conditions permitting.

Buddies are required at all times. Please arrive on time for appointments. Late arrivals may be declined at staff discretion.

Designated staffed laser cutter hours and our regularly scheduled Open Fabrication Hours will resume with the start of the Fall 2022 semester.

3D printing

We returned to our usual 3D printing access model in Fall 2021. Students previously given access to Stratasys Skylab continue to maintain that access as long as they remain enrolled at the university. Please email with any questions about print approvals or to ask for an evaluation as to whether or not a specialized print may require other 3D printers. Approved personal prints will be billed to student accounts. IDeATe staff will typically bring completed prints to the outer A5 room, near the sink. Student access to the 3D printer area is prohibited except to retrieve completed prints. Do not loiter in the 3D printer room.

Classroom technology and instructor support

All IDeATe classrooms are equipped with standard baseline A/V equipment to be able to support hybrid teaching as necessary. Each room has a phone number posted for troubleshooting, triage, and on-site support of this equipment.