IDeATe operations during COVID-19 safety measures

Below are the measures that we are employing within IDeATe as the university responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the university’s guidelines exercising caution and are aligning with measures being taken by similar facilities on campus. As the overriding policies and the health situation shift, we will adjust and update. All of these measures come with an asterisk that anyone who feels that their circumstances are extraordinary should reach out to their instructors and candidly discuss their situation, as well as any alternative arrangements that could be made for completion of coursework and class attendance. Instructors have been continually advised by university leadership to remain as flexible as possible in adapting instruction to individual students’ circumstances and challenges. IDeATe may still be contacted via

We very much appreciate everyone’s efforts and patience as we navigate this together. The spirit from faculty and students has been one of cooperation and support and, frankly, it’s great to see. Please take care of yourselves.

Ongoing procedures

Updated: Wednesday 21 September 2022, 3:15pm EDT  |  Review archived announcements

The continued risk mitigation protocols in place at IDeATe have allowed day-to-day operations for the academic year to largely stabilize under normal operation while the university remains in a transitional services posture.  As we look through Fall 2022 and the foreseeable future:

  • Hunt Library resumes its regular building hours.
  • Normal IDeATe student access to classrooms and lab spaces resumes according to our usual access model for the academic year.
  • The IDeATe Lending Office establishes regularly staffed hours.  Borrowed items are expected to be returned to the Lending Office while it is open; our temporary after-hours drop-off procedures have been discontinued under normal operations.
  • Designated staffed laser cutter hours resume for eligible IDeATe students.
  • Open Fabrication Hours are available for the campus community.
  • Our classrooms remain equipped with standard hybrid classroom technology for use as necessary.
  • IDeATe Administrative Offices remain generally staffed Monday–Friday, 8am–6pm. Advance appointments remain strongly encouraged for all services not listed above. Please email to set up an appointment, ideally at least 1–2 business days in advance.

Please be mindful that all services will either be suspended or significantly reduced for holidays, academic breaks, and over the summer; check individual pages or email for details.

As usual, minor adjustments to the above schedules may be made for operational or staffing reasons at any time.  In the event that more major adjustments are needed due to emergencies or shifting COVID-19 guidelines, they will be communicated through the appropriate channels (including this page if necessary).