Zortrax M200 3D Printer

The Zortrax M200 3D printer is a versatile professional printer; however, it is not networked so you can not submit a job via the network. It is also difficult to monitor material consumption. Therefore, for a limited time at the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester, use of the material spool on the M200 3D printer is free.  During this time, we are monitoring the print bed using a web cam to test the machine’s usability and efficiency.

Please be respectful and mindful – You are welcome to use the 3D printer as needed for your class projects.  Please do not be wasteful the material.

Once we have a clear understanding of how students will use this valuable tool, we’ll develop a more systematic approach to material usage.

The following documents were downloaded from the Zortrax M200 Support Center web site. The support site has additional tutorials on painting and finishing parts that you may find useful.