IDeATe has two NVPro 3D printers, which are networked printers with a cloud service. As with other 3D printers, you will need to create a 3D part using a CAD program and export the part as an stl file. What is different about the NVBot is that you then submit your part through the cloud using the NVCloud software. You can watch your part being printed and you can save a video of the creation process.

Because your part has to be approved by an IDeATe instructor or one of the IDeATe tech staff, your cloud account uses your andrew id, so we can tell whose job it is. You should NOT use your andrew password for this account. You will get an invitation from your class instructor, or one of the IDeATe tech staff, that creates your account and connects it to the IDeATe NVBots. Once you create your account and login, you will have access to the NVCloud software so you can upload parts for printing.

One of the drawbacks of the NVBot software is that you have to submit your job to the print queue before you know how much material it will use – and hence how much the print will cost. You can estimate the cost from the volume of your part, but this will only be a ballpark estimate. Your instructor will give you more information on the process for submitting and approving jobs.

The NVBots also have an automated part removal feature which means many jobs can be submitted and run overnight because no one has to be there to remove the part.