IDeATe has two NVPro 3D printers, which are networked printers with a cloud service (NVCloud). As with other 3D printers, you will need to create a 3D part using a CAD program and export the part as an STL file. The NVCloud software is the only way to upload a part to the 3D printer. When you submit your part through NVCloud, you can watch your part being printed and you can save a video timelapse of the creation process.

You must be added to an NVCloud print queue in order to submit parts, and all parts must be approved by your IDeATe instructor or an IDeATe staff member.  If you are enrolled in an IDeATe course that uses the printers, your instructor will arrange to have you added to the proper queue(s); please be sure to accept the invites when they are sent.  If you are not enrolled in such a course, you must email help@ideate.cmu.edu and give your reason for requesting access, or stop by Open Fabrication Hours to have a Tech Advisor submit your part on your behalf.  (Note: Do NOT use your Andrew account password for your NVCloud account.)

One of the drawbacks of the NVBot software is that you have to submit your job to the print queue before you know how much material it will use – and hence how much the print will cost. You can estimate the cost from the volume of your part, but this will only be a ballpark estimate. Your instructor will give you more information on the process for submitting and approving jobs.

The NVBots are unique in that they automatically remove your part once it is completed and send notices to our technical staff regarding routine and unscheduled maintenance tasks. Parts will be stored for a short time in labeled bins next to the printers.