Stratasys CB3D

Each CB3D unit consists of 3 printers in one tower. Each printer is capable of printing and ejecting a completed part on a plastic sheet. The parts will continue to pile up in the blue bin in front of the printer. Each printer is capable of printing at a high resolution with dissolvable supports.

IDeATe currently has cloud software to run these machines, which is accessible at

To submit parts through the web interface, you must be added to an access list. If you are interested and do not have access through an authorized IDeATe course, please review the specifications below and send an email to briefly describing the scope and duration of your project.

Rates and billing

Prints for authorized IDeATe courses are billed directly to the course budget. Ask your instructor or email if you are unsure whether your course is authorized. Please ensure that you submit your print with a comment containing the proper course number for your authorized course. Otherwise, you may be personally billed for your print.

Personal prints are billed to student accounts at-cost.  Pricing from July 2022 includes a base cost of $2.25 per print for the film, plus materials costs at $3.10/in³ (~18.9¢/cm³) for model and $6.05/in³ (~36.9¢/cm³) for support.

CB3D Specifications

  • Model Material: ABS
  • Support Material: Proprietary dissolvable filament
  • Max build dimensions: 120mm × 120mm × 120mm or 4.75″ × 4.75″ × 4.75″
  • Maximum Resolution: 0.1 mm