Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended

The IDeATe 3D Print lab has two Ultimaker 3 and two Ultimaker 3 Extended printers. These are for users who have completed a higher level of 3D printing courses. Users are expected to set up their own parts using the Cura slicer:



Suggested settings are included at the end of this document, however, advanced users may deviate from these. Due to the low usage of these units, maintenance is not routinely performed and if one student breaks the printer, the rest will have to wait for repairs. Likewise, DO NOT submit enormous parts that will prevent usage by others.

To submit parts for printing on these units, please bring your files to IDeATe Open Hours.


Ultimaker 3 Specifications

Model Material: Tough PLA (users may petition help to use their own material)

Support Material: PVA – water soluble

Build Dimension: 8 x 8 x 7.5 inches (8 x 8 x 11.5 for 3 Extended)

Maximum Resolution: .2 mm

Cura Settings:

Extruder 1 Material: Tough PLA, but check the installed filament on the back of the printer

Extruder 1 Printcore: AA .04

Extruder 2 Material: Water Soluble PVA

Extruder 2 Printcore: BB .04

Infill: Unless absolutely necessary, do not exceed 5%

Generate Support: Make sure this is checked

Support Extruder: Extruder 2 (BB .04)

Enable Prime Blog: Do not check this

Build Plate Adhesion: Raft

Build Plate Adhesion Extruder: Extruder 2

Enable Prime Tower: This is optional

The rest of the settings can remain at default, but only if you ensure the material you have chosen matches what is installed in the printer.