CAD software available to CMU students


Autodesk offers almost all its software free to students, including AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor, Maya and Revit. See the full list of available Autodesk software with links and instructions for the free student license on personal devices.

Fusion 360 includes a function that will slice a 3D object into 2D planes for laser cutting.


Solidworks Student Engineering Kit (SEK) is free for all CMU students and affiliates.  You can purchase the disks from the CMU Computer Store for $25.00.  Note that you are purchasing the physical media, not the license.

So that you don’t have to buy them, we have made available the disk images for Solidworks SEK 2017–2018 in ISO format for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7 SP1.  The files are shareable to any CMU affiliate via Box, so you can give the link to any CMU student who wants to download the files; the serial number is in the README file:

Note: The disk files are large, and you will want at least 50 GB of free disk space for the installation process. You probably only need the first of the two disks for a standard installation.  If you are running Windows 7, you’ll also need a program like WinCDEmu to mount the ISO files.


Free student licenses are available for special student versions of Ansys software simulation packages. The following blurbs are extracted from their descriptions of the packages:

  • ANSYS AIM Student – The next generation academic simulation experience. Has integrated geometry modeling based on ANSYS SpaceClaim technology, structural, fluids and electromagnetics solvers.
    • Choose ANSYS AIM Student if: You are new to simulation and seek an intuitive, cutting edge simulation tool.
  • ANSYS Student – ANSYS Workbench based bundle of ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS CFD, ANSYS Autodyn, ANSYS SpaceClaim, and ANSYS DesignXplorer.
    • Choose ANSYS Student if: You are already familiar with the ANSYS Workbench platform from a  courses.