CNC Router

IDeATe has a CNC router that is primarily for the use of the IDeATe technical staff. Use of the IDeATe CNC Router is restricted to approved users; this guide is not a substitute for training and certification. Currently, training is offered on an individual basis. Users will also need to take several courses offered by Environmental Health & Safety on shop safety and hazard communication. In the near future we are planning to offer fabrication service in which certified IDeATe staff members work with students to set up and fabricate parts on the router.

CNC Router pages:

Standard Room Policy:

1. COME PREPARED: Wear proper attire when using this space. When using equipment, make sure all loose items are properly restrained or removed. Long sleeves should be rolled up. Jewelry should be removed. Long hair should be tied back. Neckties and scarves should be removed. Closed-Toe shoes are recommended.

2. SAFETY: Wear protective eyewear at all times. Ear protection is recommended. Dust masks are required when any operation produces hazardous fumes, or dust.

3. COMPRESSED AIR: Do not touch, or adjust the air pressure. The air pressure has been set to a SAFE operating pressure (Less than 30psi). Exceeding this value puts multiple users at risk.

4. CLEAN UP: Leave all equipment and areas in a sufficient state for the next user.

5. ACCESS: Access to this area is limited to approved users, who have received training through an IDeATe affiliated course or workshop. Access is limited to posted hours of operation, and only available when IDeATe Staff are on duty and available to supervise.

6. EQUIPMENT: Users must observe equipment specific policy, and practice safe operation.