CNC Router – Policy and Training

The following guide document the router-specific policies and training requirements. Use of the IDeATe CNC Router is restricted to approved users; this guide is not a substitute for training.

Safety  Policies

  1. FIRE: Be aware of the nearest fire extinguisher location (on the wall, near doorway).
  2. EMERGENCY: Be aware of all equipment emergency stops (fluorescent perimeter cord & red E-stop button on control cabinet).
  3. EYEWEAR: Protective eyewear is required and provided, in the wood shop (A30) and in the CNC Lab (A31).
  4. BREATHING: Milling processes may create hazardous, airborne particulate matter and/or vapors. Breathing masks are recommended, and provided in the wood shop (A30) and in the CNC Lab (A31).
  5. ATTIRE: Make sure all loose clothing items are properly restrained or removed. Long sleeves should be rolled up. Jewelry should be removed. Long hair should be tied back. Neckties and scarves should be removed. Closed-toe shoes are required.
  6. EAR PROTECTION: Ear protection is recommended and provided.
  7. ATTENTION: Users must remain AWAKE and ATTENTIVE. Operator must remain at the CNC lab workstation at all time while the router is in operation. Ear protection is recommended and provided.
  8. FOOD AND DRINK are prohibited in the CNC area.
  9. GUESTS: any guests accompanying a certified user must follow all safety precautions.  Please limit the number of guests; the room should not have more than three total persons present (e.g. certified operator, fabrication client, observer).

Usage Policies

  1. The CNC router has numerous operating procedures to ensure proper warmup, safe material fixtures, and tool use.  Users are responsible for carefully following all operating checklists each time they operate the machine.
  2. If a user destroys or damages the equipment, tooling, or accessories due to improper usage they may be charged for replacement.
  3. The router tool changer is equipped with a standard set of tools.  Users may substitute their own tools if needed, but must return the tool changer to the standard configuration.
  4. Users are required to clean up all dust, debris, and scrap left in the CNC room. There are several brooms for sweeping, the dust collector has a vacuum hose, and the router has a bed-sweeping operation.   Scraps should be placed in trash receptacles. Please leave the room and machine cleaner than you found it.
  5. Users are responsible for proper fixturing of stock and may be liable for damages resulting from stock coming loosing during cutting.  The vacuum bed works best for large, flat pieces of material.  Smaller pieces may be fixtured with double-sided tape, or with flat clamping jigs anchored using vacuum.  Users are prohibited from screwing into the spoilboard.  If in doubt about your material, please consult senior staff for advice.
  6. Users must limit themselves to approved materials as described on the Materials and File Preparation page.
  7. The CNC room has very limited storage space.  Users must arrange for transporting stock and scraps into and out of the space before and after use.  Please arrange for a partner for lifting heavy sheets from the stock shelves or onto the machine bed.

Training Requirements

The following list are the minimum requirements to be attained by users prior to a certification:

  1. Completion of fire extinguisher training with CMU Environmental Health & Safety.