Rabbit Laser Cutter

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The IDeATe fabrication facility in Hunt room A5B includes three Rabbit Laser cutters, model RL-80-1290, from Rabbit Laser USA. The laser cutters have 45-inches by 33-inches of usable bed area. The laser cutters have laser tubes rated for a maximum output of 80 watts.

Our laser cutters will only be made available during times when they can be staffed by an IDeATe staff member or authorized safety monitor. All laser cutter users must complete the online Laser Cutter Safety module in addition to the Fire Extinguisher training.

IDeATe Laser Cutter Scheduled Hours

IDeATe’s laser cutters cut flat materials such as cardboard, fabric, paper, MDF, plywood, and acrylic. The IDeATe facility limits laser cutting to a limited selection of materials known to be safe. A detailed listing of safe and prohibited materials may be found here.