Laser Cutter Policies

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To cut parts on the IDeATe laser cutters, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Have completed the Fire Extinguisher Training offered by CMU Environmental Health & Safety. You can sign up for Fire Extinguisher Training on their web site:
  2. Have taken an IDeATe class or IDeATe-sponsored workshop that trains you on the Rabbit Laser Cutter.

If you meet the requirements above, you should be included automatically in the group permitted to login to the laser cutter. If you are denied access and think you should have access, send email to explaining why you meet all the requirements listed above.

When you are using the IDeATe laser cutters, you must:

  1. Follow all safety procedures posted around the Fabrication Lab, on the laser cutter policies page, and the equipment safety page
  2. Know the location of all emergency equipment including fire extinguishers and emergency stop buttons
  3. Be sure that you are cutting an approved material
  4. Clean up after yourself
    • Clean off the laser cutter bed, but don’t try to lift the grid. If you need to get under the grid, get one of the IDeATe staff to help you.
    • Throw out small pieces of scrap in the appropriate bin.
    • Put scrap pieces that have uncut areas that are at least 3” x 3” into the appropriate (same color, same material) storage slot