Wood Working

IDeATe has a small wood shop that is open to the IDeATe community during selected hours. Students must have training and supervision to use this shop.  The wood shop also has open hours for anyone in the CMU community, when regular hours intersect with IDeATe’s Open Fabrication Hours.

1. COME PREPARED: Wear proper attire when using this space. When using equipment, make sure all loose items are properly restrained or removed. Long sleeves should be rolled up. Jewelry should be removed. Long hair should be tied back. Neckties and scarves should be removed. Closed-toes shoes are required.

2. SAFETY: Wear protective eyewear at all times. Ear protection is required. Dust masks are required when any operation produces hazardous fumes, or dust.

3. COMPRESSED AIR: Do not touch, or adjust the air pressure. The air pressure has been set to a safe operating pressure (less than 30psi). Exceeding this value puts you and anyone else in the shop at risk of injury.

4. CLEAN UP: Clean up after yourself. Your access privileges will be revoked if you fail to do so. Allow at least 10 minutes at the end of your job for cleanup.

5. ACCESS: Access to this equipment is limited to users who have received training from the shop supervisor. You can only use the shop when IDeATe staff are available to supervise. The supervisor also has the authority to limit the number of students admitted to the shop at any time.

6. EQUIPMENT: Users must observe equipment specific policy and practice safe operation.

Belt Sander:

1. INSPECT: Ensure sanding belt and disc are properly attached. Sanding belt should be tight, sanding disc paper should not be loose.

2. TABLES: Ensure sander tables are properly mounted and level. Make sure the table distance is no more than a ¼” (6mm) away from the sanding disc or belt.

3. DOWNSTROKE: Sand only on the downstroke side of the disc sander.

4. FORCE: Do not use excessive force.

5. JIGS: Do not sand small pieces by hand, use a jig for pieces that are difficult to hold securely.

Drill Press:

1. FASTEN: Securely clamp work materials to prevent spin-out. Never use your hands to secure work materials. If a clamp fails, step away from the equipment, notify surrounding users, leave the equipment and the space, and notify IDeATe Staff immediately.

2. FEED+SPEED: Run the drill at the correct speed. Forcing or feeding too fast can break drill bits.

3. CHUCK: Never attempt to loosen the chuck unless the power is OFF. Never leave chuck-key in chuck.

4. SPINDLE: Lower the spindle before removing a drill bit.

5. BITS: Never use an auger bit in a drill press. Bits are available for check-out from IDeATe Lending.

6. OPERATION: Frequently back the drill out of deep cuts to clean and cool the bit.