IDeATe Guest Speaker Request form

If you are interested in hosting a guest speaker in your class, and would like to offer an honorarium or set up a speaker fee, notify us at least two weeks in advance by completing the guest speaker request form below.

Please note the difference between honorariums and speaker agreements, and when each of them is necessary. Refer to University Contracts Office Honorarium Guidance to understand whether an honorarium payment or guest speaker contract is proper for your scenario or contact us at if you have questions.

An honorarium is considered a “thank you” payment to that individual for their time and expertise after the event has occurred. This business process is used when a speaker provides a lecture or participates in the class unrecorded, and without expectation of compensation. If a guest has expectation of payment, is being recorded, or a payment must be made to an organization, then we must set up a speaker agreement contract in advance of their visit.  Our business office will request our University Contracts Office create a speaker agreement contact. Signatures would need to be in place before the visit occurs.  This process needs 2 weeks of lead time at minimum.