Event Planning

We will be using this page to post updates and announcements for planning IDeATe-related events.

IDeATe Open House

The IDeATe Open House will be Friday, October 21, 2016 (mid-semester break), 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. We do not have to have such a strong “showcase” component as we did last year, so I’d like us to have this be more casual. 1 – 3 students/projects per course should be plenty and finished projects are not necessary. If students are in the midst of an assignment and wouldn’t mind working on it in a lab during that time, that would be great.

Action Items:

  • Please review the proposed set up below. Confirm or let Kelly know the names of students participating and the names of their projects (if applicable).
  • Faculty or students should complete the tech needs form (here or embedded below)
  • Staff from Marketing & Communications will be on hand to take video and photographs for the new IDeATe promotional materials. Once I have the names of the students and faculty attending, I’ll need everyone to sign one of the standard Media Release forms: 9-14-rev-name-likeness-authorization.

Here’s what I’ve sketched out so far:

Studio A

Marti Louw will be hosting an info session specific to Learning Media/Design for Learning 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Faculty and Learning Media minors will speak to interested students about the minor.

Physical Computing Lab

  • Students from Garth Zeglin’s Intro to Physical Computing – Sydney Ayers, Nitesh Sridhar
  • Students from Ali Momeni’s Intro to Physical Computing – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Students from Pyry Matikainen and John Folan’s Reality Computing – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Joseph Paetz – bPolite
  • Roberto Andaya – maybe showing NapJac

Media Lab

  • Students from Spencer Diaz’s Character Rigging for Production – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Students from Ali Momeni and Larry Shea’s Expanded Theater – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Students from Jesse Stiles and Lance Laduke’s Exploded Ensemble? – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Miranda Jacoby and Oriana Green presenting Bobblebird animation
  • Possibly also Vera Schulz

Experimental Fabrication

  • Students from Dave Touretzky’s Rapid Prototyping Technologies – Adam Zeloof, Babbage’s Difference Engine
  • Students from Tom Corbett’s Research Issues in Game Development – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Students from Garth Zeglin’s Robotics for Creative Practice – [names, titles of projects?]
  • Students from Daragh Byrne’s Intro to Media Synthesis and Analysis – Adrian Biagioli, Joanna Baranowski, Jonathan Ortiz [titles of projects?]
  • Students from Zach Ali’s digiTOOL – [names, titles of projects?]

open area/table near open computers

  • Information sheets/brochures
  • Sign up sheets for IDeATe email list
  • Cookies

Tech Needs

Google Geek Street Fair Pittburgh

The Pittsburgh Geek Street Fair hosted by Google is an interactive event to inspire kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and computer science.  The event itself runs noon to 5PM on Friday, Oct 7, 2016, under tents outside on the open lawn at Bakery Square.

The primary audience is middle-school-age children with some high-school-age included as well.  The event is open to the public, so families and other people may also attend.  About 1000 people are expected. Each interaction will likely be fairly short.

IDeATe Presence

Activity:  Life Size Robot Puppets

Description: Come assemble a robot puppet using our modular mechanical robot kit.  We’ll have an array of parts and mechanical components we can bolt together quickly to make new characters, then we’ll improvise scenes in which we operate our new machines by hand to tell a story.  These parts are being developed for an IDeATe course in which we put on automated dramatic performances using machines which the students design and program.

Details: We are not expecting to give any items away; the kit parts are not that expensive so we can tolerate some lossage, but our expectation is that we will disassemble and reassemble the same parts all afternoon.

Extensions: This is a very flexible proposed activity; if any student project  can be adapted into a robot component we can use it directly; if anyone wants to contribute other materials they can be included; we can also just show other projects on the side if they are suitable.


We will probably need 4-5 people to stay at the table, build and disassemble machines, help teach improv puppetry, and generally talk about IDeATe.

Event Day Plan

  • 9:00AM  official setup begins
  • 10:00 AM meet in Hunt A5 to gather
  • 10:45AM our proposed setup start time
    • all materials at tent by 10:45AM
    • setup crew please arrive prior to 10:45AM
  • 11:45AM setup must be complete
    • volunteers please arrive by 11:45
  • 12PM (noon) official start time
  • 5PM official end time
    • strike should take no more than 30 minutes


  • We have been promised an eight-foot table with some chairs
  • We’ll be under a tent.
  • We requested both power and WiFi (but stipulated ‘light-duty’).
  • We did not take the option to request a second table ahead of time.
  • We provided the official IDeATe unitmark as vector files to the organizers.
  • Kelly is the chief point of contact. Garth is the secondary point of contact.  Cell numbers will be emailed to volunteers.
  • Kelly will arrange to print our own IDeATe banner for signage.


  • We’ve asked for two parking passes.
  • We still need to choose who can drive the materials.
  • Volunteers could take the CMU Bakery Square Shuttle or the 71D bus (or other PAT buses)
  • CMU Bakery Square Shuttle: closest pickup is in front of Cohon University Center.
  • PAT 71D bus: pick up Fifth and Morewood, get off at Fifth and Beechwood, walk across Mellon Park, it takes about 20 minutes, e.g:
    • depart: 11:13 AM arrives by 11:31AM
    • return: 5:02PM returns by 5:23PM

Packing List

Tools and materials
  • large box of CNC-cut wooden parts
  • satchel organizer with bolts, screws, shafts, washers, nuts (should be taped shut for transport)
  • metric tools
    • 5mm hex drivers (for M6 socket-head cap screws)
    • 3mm hex driver (for 6mm shoulder screws)
    • 10mm wrenches for M6 hex nuts and M6 hex cap screws
    • 8mm wrench for M5 hex nuts (for 6mm shoulder screws
  • battery-operated drill with charger
  • hot-glue gun and glue
  • set of drill bits
  • hacksaw
  • flat and round files
  • heavy-duty wire cutters (for wire-ties)
  • spool of 40lb Spectra fishing line
  • nylon cord
  • bag of googly eyes
  • bag of feathers
  • bag of wire-ties
  • IDeATe fabric scraps, pipe cleaners
  • safety pins (need to buy more)
  • power strip, extension cord
  • fabric scissors
  • heavy-duty lab scissors
  • paint pens
  • large IDeATe banner
  • materials to hang banner?
  • giveaways?
  • name tags
  • business cards
  • RCP poster with drawing of kit parts
  • cameras to document event