Hunt A29

About IDeATe Lending

IDeATe has a large inventory of technical and media equipment, physical computing components, and building materials available to students through our borrowing system, IDeATe Lending. The lending system runs much like a library where students can check out items at the Lending Desk using their student ID card.  The IDeATe Lending Desk is located at the ground level of Hunt Library directly across from the elevator, in room A29.

Access to IDeATe Lending

Any student who takes an IDeATe course in Hunt Library receives access to IDeATe Lending, which they can maintain through the rest of their time at Carnegie Mellon. Any Carnegie Mellon affiliate who does not participate in IDeATe courses can request access to Lending by emailing help@ideate.cmu.edu; approval will be contingent on available resources.

Consumable items for purchase

Students are able to purchase various consumable materials (such as plywood and acrylic) from IDeATe Lending. This offers students the convenience of having quick access to materials to use the same day in their projects. See our price list of items commonly available for purchase.

Purchases will be logged at the Lending Desk at the time of checkout. When you purchase materials at IDeATe Lending, you will receive an emailed receipt.  Charges for items will be submitted to student accounts on a regular basis and will appear on statements as “IDeATe materials fee.”

If you have questions about a charge on your account, please email help@ideate.cmu.edu.

Borrowing responsibilities and late return policies

All students are required to be aware of and adhere to the IDeATe Lending Borrower Policy.