Hunt A29

About IDeATe Lending

IDeATe has a large inventory of technical and media equipment, physical computing components, and building materials available to students through our borrowing system, IDeATe Lending. The lending system runs much like a library where students can check out items at the lending booth using their student ID card.  The IDeATe lending booth is located at the ground level of Hunt Library directly across from the elevator, in room A29.

Access to IDeATe Lending

Any student who takes an IDeATe course receives access to IDeATe Lending, which they can maintain through the rest of their time at Carnegie Mellon. Any Carnegie Mellon affiliate who does not participate in IDeATe courses can request access to Lending by emailing help@ideate.cmu.edu; approval will be contingent on available resources.

Consumable items for purchase and IDeATe materials fees

Students are able to purchase consumable materials (such as plywood, acrylic, 3D print cartridges, and many other items) from IDeATe Lending. This offers students the convenience of having quick access to materials to use the same day in their projects. A full list of items available for purchase can be found on our equipment page.

Purchases will be logged at the lending booth at the time of check-out. When you purchase materials at the booth, you will receive an emailed receipt, and the charge for the item will be posted on your student billing account as a line item called, “IDeATe materials fee”.

Occasionally, if an IDeATe course involves a large volume of consumable items to be used in projects, the instructor may request that supplies be ordered ahead to be prepared and ready for student use. In these cases, each student of the course will receive an IDeATe materials fee when they enroll in the course to cover the expenses of the materials. This fee will be posted to the student account after the add period each semester, and will appear as a line item, “IDeATe materials fee”. If a course includes a fee, we will make every effort to notify students at the time of registration.

If you have questions about a charge on your account, please email help@ideate.cmu.edu.

Borrowing responsibilities and late return policies

IDeATe is a shared student resource where collaboration and creative thinking across disciplines is encouraged.  In order to strengthen this idea-sharing maker culture, it is important that our resources are readily available for student use.  Becoming a student member of this community comes with the responsibility to respect these resources, and an understanding that the equipment you are using now may be of great importance to the student who is waiting to use it next.

In keeping with the library philosophy, when you borrow an item from IDeATe Lending, you will have a due date when that item must be returned.  Any overdue items incur a late fee per day.  The daily late fee amounts vary based on the value of the equipment.  If an item is beyond 14 days late, a replacement fee will be incurred.  Students are notified via email if either a late or replacement fee has been issued.  The charge will appear on your student billing account as “IDeATe late fine”.

If you need to request an extension on your due date, please email help@ideate.cmu.edu at least one business day prior to your due date (Monday–Friday before 3pm).  Your request will be reviewed, and extensions will be granted provided there is no one waiting to use that item next.

If you do not return something by the due date, this could mean another student is unable to borrow, and thus affect their student project.  Please be kind and mindful when borrowing from IDeATe Lending.

Please know that it is solely your responsibility to make sure any item you have borrowed under your Andrew ID is returned safely on time. Borrowing an item for a fellow student under your Andrew ID is not permitted.  Any late fees or damage costs incurred on an item while checked out under your Andrew ID will be billed to you.

Multiple infractions of the IDeATe Lending policy can result in a suspension of borrowing privileges.  Any student wishing to reactivate their access to IDeATe Lending after a suspension has occurred should submit a petition to help@ideate.cmu.edu.

If you have questions about a charge on your account, please email help@ideate.cmu.edu.