Lending Office

Hunt A29

About the IDeATe Lending Office

The IDeATe Lending Office in Hunt A29 hosts two equipment collections: the IDeATe Lending collection and the University Multimedia Equipment Collection (UMEC). Although the two collections are collocated, they are operated independently. Borrowers from both collections must have their Carnegie Mellon ID card ready to present when borrowing an item. For details on inventory, borrowing policies, and eligibility, follow the links below:

Additionally, the IDeATe Lending Office has various consumable materials (such as plywood and acrylic) available for sale to IDeATe students for academic use. For those wishing to obtain material for projects outside of IDeATe classes, please visit the CMU Art Store for individual Oracle string or cash purchase requests. The CMU Art Store carries many flat stock items, including acrylic.

Location and hours

The IDeATe Lending Office is located in the basement of Hunt Library directly across from the elevator, in room A29. Check the current hours.