IDeATe Lending Policy

IDeATe Lending, located in Hunt A29, is a collection of resources designed to support IDeATe classes and that may be borrowed, or, in some cases, purchased, by IDeATe students and faculty. We think of these resources as a way of sharing to encourage collaboration and creative thinking across disciplines. To strengthen this idea-sharing culture, it is important that our resources are readily available for student use per the policy below.

Becoming a member of the IDeATe community comes with the responsibility to respect these resources, and an understanding that the equipment you are using now may be of great importance to the student who is waiting to use it next. When you borrow items from IDeATe Lending, you are accepting the borrowing responsibilities outlined below. Please be kind and mindful when borrowing from IDeATe Lending.

It’s expected that you read any borrower notifications sent to your Andrew email. When you borrow an item, you’ll be notified of pending due dates and overdue notices via automatic emails to your Andrew email account. Because these notifications contain time sensitive material, it’s important to read and be aware of your due dates to avoid potential late return fees. If you are not receiving these emails, notify immediately. 

Return borrowed items by the time the Lending Desk closes on the day the items are due. When you borrow an item, the details of that transaction will automatically be sent to your Andrew email. Details include the item description, the due date, and the Lending Desk’s hours of operation. If you missed the email, or find anything in the email that you do not understand, did not borrow, etc., ask a Lending Desk attendant or email

If you need to request an extension of your due date, we’d like to help. Email at least one business day prior to your due date (Monday–Friday before 3pm) to request an extension. We will review your request and permit an extension, provided that there is no one waiting to use that item next. A normal extension is one borrowing period. For example, if an item has a three-day borrowing period, that item may be extended for three additional days for a total of six days.

Laptop computers: Most machines are available to be borrowed for up to one overnight period. If you need to extend the borrowing period or have an exceptional circumstance, please plan ahead and email for review and consideration. Please understand that special arrangements may take a few business days or more to accommodate, and we may decline your request. We encourage use of the campus computer labs for extended use.

An overdue item incurs a daily late fee. The late fee amounts vary based on the value of the equipment. Expensive equipment will have a higher daily late fee than less expensive items. An automatic alert will be sent to your Andrew email when your item becomes overdue and starts incurring a fee. It is best to take action right away if you get such a notice. You will continue to get notifications until the item is returned, or, after an item is 14 days overdue, a replacement fee is assessed. Note that, for some items, particularly low-value items and electronic prototyping items that are due at the end of the semester, there is no grace period, and replacement fees are immediately assessed.

We will submit late fees to student accounts on a regular basis. Late fees will appear on your statement as “IDeATe late return fee.” Again, it is your responsibility to be mindful of the due dates and to check your Andrew email.

A replacement fee will be charged if an item is not returned at all and/or an item is returned broken or missing parts. When you borrow equipment or supplies from IDeATe Lending, you are responsible for taking care of it. If you have lost or broken a piece of equipment, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement. However, we understand that sometimes accidents happen, in which case we ask that you promptly write to to explain the situation. Depending on the circumstance and level of damage, we may be able to work on a solution with you.

If you are late in returning an item, and no action is taken, IDeATe may charge a replacement fee which will appear on your student account statement as “IDeATe replacement fee.” This fee reflects IDeATe’s cost of replacing the missing item. Please understand that when something doesn’t come back, IDeATe needs to buy a replacement so other students can use that item.

Borrowing an item for another person under your Andrew ID is not permitted. We understand that in the spirit of collaboration, it’s compelling to want to help other students. Please know that it is solely your responsibility to make sure any item borrowed under your Andrew ID is returned safely on time. Any late fees or replacement costs incurred on an item while checked out under your Andrew ID will be billed to your student account, regardless of who is in possession of it at the time. Note that, in compliance with the ID Card Terms of Use, borrowers must have their own Carnegie Mellon ID card ready to present when borrowing items.

IDeATe equipment is primarily for IDeATe student use related to IDeATe classes held in Hunt Library. Unfortunately, we can’t loan equipment for personal, off-campus projects. There are risks of late return, physical damage and total loss when equipment leaves Hunt Library, and these risks are even greater when it leaves campus for parts unknown. First and foremost, all the equipment must be on hand for the educational needs of IDeATe courses.

Once you borrow an item, you are responsible for its safe-keeping until you return it.  Do not leave borrowed equipment unattended.  Leaving an item out in the open increases the risk of misplacement or theft.  If an IDeATe staff member finds an item unattended in an IDeATe classroom, library space, or elsewhere, the borrower will be notified.  The act of leaving an item unattended could be considered an infraction of the IDeATe Lending Policy and can result in late fees and/or suspension of borrowing privileges.

Infractions of the IDeATe Lending Policy can result in a prolonged suspension of borrowing privileges. We will notify students of such suspensions via a ticket from If your IDeATe Lending access has been suspended and you wish to reactivate it, please reply to the ticket to submit a written petition. In your petition, please explain the circumstances leading up to your suspension and indicate that you have reviewed and understand the relevant policy. The IDeATe staff will meet to review your petition and will reply with a resolution.

If you have questions about the IDeATe Lending Policy or about any IDeATe charge on your student account, please email