Consumables Price List

IDeATe students are able to purchase various consumable materials (such as plywood and acrylic) from IDeATe Lending. This offers students the convenience of having quick access to materials to use the same day in their projects.  Charges are submitted to student accounts on a regular basis and will appear on statements as “IDeATe materials fee.”

Please note, this resource is primarily stocked to accommodate the needs of IDeATe students in IDeATe classes, and is not a storefront. IDeATe does not accept Oracle strings, cash, or any other payment form for individual consumable material sale. For those wishing to obtain material for projects outside of IDeATe classes, please visit the CMU Art Store for individual Oracle string or cash purchase requests. The CMU Art Store carries many similar flat stock items, including acrylic.

CMU faculty or staff with questions about purchases should contact

Prices are reviewed and updated semi-annually based on actual costs.  Not all sizes and colors are available at all times.  Current prices for commonly-available items are listed below:

Note about flat stock sizes

Flat stock sold by IDeATe is mostly cut down from larger sheets, either at the distributor or in the IDeATe shop. This means lengths and widths listed in feet may be off from the nominal size due to the width of saw cuts required to produce the smaller sizes. For example, a 1′×1′×3mm piece may actually measure out to 11.75″×11.75″×3mm.

Return policy

IDeATe only accepts returns of as-new items in resalable condition.  Defective materials must be returned within 24 hours of the original purchase (or next business day during summer/holiday periods).