University Multimedia Equipment Collection (UMEC)

About UMEC

The University Multimedia Equipment Collection (UMEC) is a university-wide resource consisting of audio/video, photographic, and sound recording devices such as digital cameras, video recorders, microphones, and projectors.  UMEC items are designed to support the entire Carnegie Mellon University campus community and so, unlike the IDeATe Lending collection, may be borrowed by any CMU student, faculty, or staff.

This Collection is managed by IDeATe in partnership with Computing Services, and until August 2022 was managed by University Libraries as Multimedia Lending.

Inventory, location, and hours

Check the UMEC inventory for information on items available to borrow from this collection.

The IDeATe Lending Office is located in the basement of Hunt Library directly across from the elevator, in room A29. Check the current hours.

Borrowing responsibilities and late return policies

All patrons are required to be aware of and adhere to the UMEC Circulation Policy. Borrowers must have their Carnegie Mellon ID card ready to present when borrowing an item.


All students, faculty, and staff at Carnegie Mellon’s main Pittsburgh campus are eligible to borrow UMEC items.

Note that students enrolled in IDeATe courses also have access to the IDeATe Lending collection, which is subject to the IDeATe Lending Policy and is collocated with the University Multimedia Equipment Collection in Hunt A29. Although the two collections are collocated, they are currently operated separately.