Physical Computing

Hunt A10

The IDeATe Physical Computing Lab (Hunt A10) is a shared classroom and lab for prototyping devices utilizing embedded computation.  It includes worktables, hand tools, soldering systems, oscilloscopes, and an inventory of materials and components.

The lab is intended as a clean space for electronics, programming, and prototype assembly and testing. Messy or dust-making processes should be performed in the Fabrication Lab.

To learn about which courses are offered in the Physical Computing Lab, please visit our courses page.

Refer to the Physical Computing inventory page to see a list of the items that are normally kept available for course project use, as well as how to request that an item be restocked.

Access and Policies

Daily Clean-up rules

  • Clean up after yourself before you leave.  The tables should be clear and have only the standard set of tools.
  • Store your prototypes and personal materials in the appropriate cabinets.
  • Put extra materials away on the stock shelves or in the parts bins.
  • Put all the tools away.  Some stay in the tabletop bins, most go into the tool chest.
  • Put away portable equipment (oscilloscopes, LCD monitors, etc.)
  • Put away at least one thing someone else has left out.
  • Please put trash in the appropriate bins.
  • Please sweep if you drop material on the floor. (e.g. stripped out wire insulation.)

Project Storage

  • Please keep all student projects in the project storage racks.
  • Please respect the integrity of other people’s work.  Don’t steal parts from other projects, don’t turn things on without permission, treat storage areas with respect.
  • Courses can also arrange for a private storage area in the main storage room behind IDeATe lending.
  • The lab space is locked, but for security please don’t leave personal items out.  Please return all laptops to the IDeATe Lending Desk.

Tool Usage Rules

  • Please treat all tools with care.
  • Please turn off oscilloscopes and soldering irons when you are done.
  • The dremel and fordham tools should only be used in the designated corner for limited uses.  For an substantial cutting, please take it to the Fabrication Lab.
  • Please use the blue mats for sclicing materials to avoid damaging the whiteboard surfaces of the tables.
  • Please apply glues in the Fabrication Lab, and clean up spills promptly.  In particular, please do not apply glue over the blue mats.
  • If you break something, please report it to the appropriate list.