Soft Technologies Studio

Hunt A31, A4

Soft Tech Lab Stuffed Microbe Wall

The IDeATe Soft Technologies Studio (Hunt A31) is designed to support the IDeATe minor in Soft Technologies. The studio is designed as flexible space for the fabrication and dye coloring of soft projects. Inside are sewing machines, including a serger, an industrial sewing machine, and embroidery machines. The room is stocked with fabrics, thread, yarn, sewing tools, and other things to facilitate project construction.

fabric rack

Access and Policies

When using the studio, students are responsible for the equipment in the rooms.  Damage resulting from careless behavior will result in your student account being charged for the cost of repairs.  If you allow visitors in to the studio you will be responsible for their behavior as well.

  • No food is permitted in the studio.  Water bottles and resealable beverages are OK.  No open-topped cups or mugs please.
  • Space for project storage is limited.  Please plan accordingly.
  • If you are the last person leaving the studio you must perform the following shut-down procedure:
    • Turn off any powered equipment. (It’s OK to leave small fans on when drying fabrics.)
    • Turn off the the small air filter at the front of the room.
    • Turn off any lights, except the top row in A4.
    • Arrange chairs at the sewing stations.
    • Make sure all doors are fully closed and locked when you exit the room.