Studio A and B

Hunt 106B / 106C

Studio A (106B) and Studio B (106C) are located on the first floor of Hunt Library, just past the entrance to the building.

Studio A is a larger classroom, seating approximately 70 at max capacity. Rolling tables and chairs allow for interchangeable classroom configurations. There is a large screen TV mounted to the wall, and two smaller TVs (on wheels) for A/V connections. There are 8 large white boards on wheels. Studio A holds classes, lectures, and events. When it’s not in use, it is open studio and study space for students.

Studio B is a smaller classroom, with approximately 35 at max capacity. It also includes rolling tables and chairs for flexible seating, and a ceiling-mounted projector and pull-down projector screen. The wheeled TVs and white boards kept in Studio A can also be moved to Studio B. Studio B is an excellent space for classes, small events, and group meetings. When not in use, Studio B is an open space for student use.

To learn about which courses are offered in Studio A and B, please visit our courses page.

Access and Policies

To request to reserve Studio A or B for an event, please email, including the dates, times, group size, nature of the event, and A/V needs.

If your group has A/V needs, the organizer of the group is responsible for connecting with our tech staff to ensure the group’s computers have the right cables to connect with our media equipment. While we try to be accommodating, we have limited resources, and you may need to consult media tech or computing services on more detailed technical questions.

If your group wants to bring in catering, that is permitted, however, you will be responsible for making arrangements, to clean up any spills, and to ensure any leftover food or paper products are disposed.

Any group utilizing Studio A or B should clean up the room after their event is over. Tables should be moved back to neat rows, with two chairs per table. Extra chairs should be stacked to the side of the room.

Any students using Studio A or B during open times should throw away any paper or food trash properly. They should also be mindful of other students who may also be using the space, and keep the noise level to a minimum. No loud music.